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  Xianju juyuan rubber equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the design and manufacture of rubber and plastic engineering goods .In the recent years, with the ever developing market economy and strengthening comprehensive ability, our company has made some appreciable achievements in the scale of production operation, the grade of product technology and the increase scope of market distribution.

  The main products of our company are extruder & production line equipment, including steel belt molding machine, 3(4) dualline head, and high temperature sulfidation box; microwave sulfidation box, automatic puller, cork boring machine, breaking machine, boarding machine, automatic fixed length banner cutter and so on, more than 40 kinds of secondary equipments as well as full automatic flock coating production line. We hold on the company belief of “quality first and consumer uppermost” so as to custom make all sorts of equipment with excellent quality for the mass customers with our whole heart.

  We believe sincere, fast and effective service will certainly earn support and trust of new and old customers. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, all “Juyuan”men understand that no advance equals to regression and no change to game over. We pay equals on technical development as well as internal management of the company and the establishment of good faith market mechanism, so as to ensure the satisfaction of our customers to every work and the trust of our customers to every product delivered!

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